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beat the heat in style.

our freezer-charged cooling necklaces and scarves are guaranteed to keep you cool for hours

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Nano-Ice cooling apparel is unisex, and helps alleviate everything from migraines, to menopausal hot flashes, to general overheating.

stay healthy

Nano-Ice has been shown to decrease the heat symptoms of those going through cancer treatment, fighting MS, or battling other auto-immune diseases.

stay cool :)

Nano-Ice cooling technology is safe for all ages and works to keep the whole family cool.


Best product on the market for cooling me down AND keeping me cool. I've tried them all—the cooling towels and rags and fancy expensive beads—NONE of them could beat my heat. And then I found Nano-Ice. Thank you so very much for sharing your wonderful creation.

Courtney K

This cooling necklace is a brilliant invention. It is a great solution for the combination of unbearable heat and humidity. I was able to keep up my walking schedule in 90 degree heat and humidity, no more excuses to avoid exercise with my Cooling Necklace!


I love my Nano-Ice necklace! It keeps me cool for about 3 hours at time. I especially love wearing it at work. Everyone asks about it and I always highly recommend it.

Marsha D

These necklaces are the best! They help keep me cool all throughout the year and ESPECIALLY in the heat of summer.  I honestly don’t know what I would do without them! I guess I’d just be using necklaces that aren’t as great.

Christy G

Thank you Sam and Laura for making my beautiful custom necklace. Your company is amazing. With my MS, I am always looking for cooling products and this technology is awesome and fashionable. You designed a necklace for me to wear at an outside wedding and had it to me very quickly.

Bette C