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Christy G

"These necklaces are the best! They help keep me cool all throughout the year and ESPECIALLY in the heat of summer.  I honestly don’t know what I would do without them! I guess I’d just be using necklaces that aren’t as great."

Gene B

"Love my Nano-Ice scarf necklace because they keep me from melting away during this heat wave in style!"

Jenn F

"I have been wearing 2 for the last week. I have recommended this cooling necklace to many because of the extreme heat wave. I think you will get a lot more business from this town. Not to mention more from me now that my daughters have 'borrowed' several necklaces on the daily."

Amy C

"Ahhhhhh! Works very well. Within 1 minute you can feel a cooling effect beginning.  Sometimes I wear it with the tie down, then switch it around. The material is so soft which is nice."

Pamela L

"It's 91 degrees here in Boston but I'm chillin' with my Cooling Necklace."

Laura S

"I couldn't resist letting my dog try my Nano-Ice necklace. She seemed to like it! We are definitely beating this heat with our Nano-ice necklaces!"

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This cooling necklace saves me from the heat