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beat the heat in style.

our freezer-charged cooling necklaces and scarves are guaranteed to keep you cool for hours

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Nano-Ice cooling apparel is unisex, and helps alleviate everything from migraines, to menopausal hot flashes, to general overheating.

stay healthy

Nano-Ice has been shown to decrease the heat symptoms of those going through cancer treatment, fighting MS, or battling other auto-immune diseases.

stay cool :)

Nano-Ice cooling technology is safe for all ages and works to keep the whole family cool.


Love this product, it really does work.


This cooling necklace is a brilliant invention. It is a great solution for the combination of unbearable heat and humidity. I was able to keep up my walking schedule in 90 degree heat and humidity, no more excuses to avoid exercise with my Cooling Necklace!!


If your looking for a cooling necklace you should really give this one a try, because it works!


Sam thank you I love this necklace Huge improvement over my original Smaller balls and 8 compared to 9 Fits me closer to my neck,beautiful color My husband is always cold and I sit in our den With the electric fireplace with him comfortable As can be with my nano-ice necklace on

Susan Shock