What's Unique About Our Necklace?

Let’s talk about what’s behind this innovation. The technology inside the cooling spheres is based on a water-based phase-change material that freezes water in a more efficient manner. The liquid frozen inside the spheres of the Nano-Ice Cooling Necklace is the cutting edge development of the energy storage industry that Sam helped develop in India. The way we get the cooling effect to last longer is based on what happens during the freezing process; The Nano-Ice crystals interlock with each other more efficiently than standard frozen water, which means a longer cooling experience for you the customers (see graphic below). The Nano-Ice Cooling Necklace stays cold for up to 2 hours, but even after the ice crystals melt, you feel the cooling effect because the neck is responsible for regulating body temperature and is the ideal spot to cool down and gain optimal comfort. The frozen spheres are cooling the pulse points on your neck and is cooling blood going to your brain, so that effects is long-lasting after the ice melts. 


each ice crystal interlocks with each other to form more ice

The design is especially convenient for people on the move or looking to put a stylish edge on their cooling experience. It's as simple as taking your Nano-Ice Cooling Necklace out of your freezer and wearing it around your neck for instant relief. When traveling you can use an insulated lunch bag with a Freezer pack to ensure the necklace is cold. Stains from wetting a scarf with nasty chemicals inside are a thing of the past.