How large is it?
Our standard size necklace is approximately 20 inches (plus 12 inches on each end).
How much does it weigh?
It weighs approximately 1 lb.
How long does the cooling last after you take it out of the freezer?
Cooling times will vary depending on conditions. We expect that the cooling will last for about 2 hours.
Does it get wet?
This is not a scarf that you have to wet. The fabric will get damp from condensation of the ice inside
Will if form ice in the freezer?
If you ensure you dry it before placing in the freezer it will not form ice.
Are there different colors/sizes?  
We can make customized necklaces for an addition fee of $6.00 more. It will take about a week to make. 
Do you take returns and give refunds? 
Yes, we will refund your money immediately, but we ask that you either pay for shipping it back or give us the name and contact information of the person you donate it to  who suffers from heat. 
How do I wash it?
We recommend washing in cold water and air dry. Do not put in dryer.
How long does it take to freeze?
Generally we suggest overnight but the necklace will freeze completely in about 3-4 hours.
Does insurance pay for this if I have a medical condition such as MS?
We suggest that you check with your insurance company.  It may be a reimbursable expense through a HSA or from the insurance company with a letter from the doctor demonstrating a need. You also may need a "Procedure Code". Medicare and health and human services reimbursement code for cooling devices is CPT 97017.  As we know more on this we will update you.
How is the scarf different from the necklace?
The scarf is another style that hides the spheres inside an outer layer of beautiful fabric shaped like a scarf.  The technology inside the scarf is the same as the necklace.  The inside string of spheres can be removed and laundered separately from the outer scarf.
Can I do a special large order?
Absolutely!  We welcome special orders for conferences or other events with enough lead time.
Do you make any for children?
If the child is very small, we can make a smaller version as a custom order.
Do you anticipate making other wearable cooling products?
We are always thinking of ways to help alleviate heat suffering. If you have something in mind, please send us your wish list!
If I travel, how can I keep it cool?
You can keep it frozen in a cooler with an ice pack. Depending on the conditions, this will help to keep the necklace from losing its cooling capacity until you really need it.