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Migraines Migraines

MS Patient

Helps me prevent my MS symptoms from coming on

Chef cooling off

It gets hot in this kitchen and this chef needed to cool off


Takes away my migraines when I combine it with placing my feet in hot water

Hot climate

Looks good on people of all ages

Cambridge Naturals Owner

Even our retailers love our Cooling Necklaces!

Construction worker getting relief

This construction worker maintains his health by cooling off in extreme heat

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July, 2016


"Hi Sam?
Your necklace is the answer to my prayers I always was the little girl with the red face looking for a brook in the summer to dipMy whole head in to get cool So this has been a life long problem for me until this morning I wanted to cook and I always get hot and miserable being at the stove and baking with the ovenI do it because we love to eat and like homemade cookies
Put my beautiful necklace on
Omg instant cool down?
Two hours in the hot kitchen and I never felt the heat
I was cool and happy
After I was done I put it back in the freezer
But to my surprise I am still cool two hours later
I can't wait to tell my oncologist about it and how it could help
Those of us who suffer from hot. Flashes ?taking the Breast cancer prevention drug ?


I have MS and live in Jupiter, FL year round. A friend in Massachusetts (who does not have MS but hates the heat) recommended the Nano cooling beads and I have had a very positive experience. In e-mailing with the owner, Sam White, he said he had sent you a sample of what was then very ugly cooling beads, and asked that I share with you my experience.
When I ordered the beads and they arrived, they were rather large, as I am less than 5 feet tall. I told him I thought I could alter the necklace and he had a shorter necklace made and sent to me for free. I also told him I had MS, and he said they supported MS.
In my efforts to remain as active as I can, I walk at 6:15 every morning outdoors for about 3 miles. Even at that hour, the heat and humidity is quite a challenge. I have found the cooling beads very helpful in making me feel less overheated, and they have no unsightly drip. I tie them off to the side  to allow for maximum contact of the beads with the back of my neck.
 In the past I had tried the bandannas that swell when you soak them in water. No matter how I blotted them, they dripped all over me making me look like I was a sloppy water drinker or had just put my head and neck under a faucet. I stopped using them.
I keep the nano beads in the freezer and just have to remember to put them on when I leave. When I come back, they get returned to the freezer. There are 3 different fabrics available now, if one is into colors and prints as well as heat relief. 
This is a really great product for heat sensitive people with or without MS.